Offices are being torn apart by Laurel and Yanny. Here’s why it’s definitely Laurel

If you work in an office with humans and computers there is a good chance that most of you are talking about the latest debate to take hold of the internet. Forget that banal blue/white dress fiasco (and for the record, it was definitely blue), now it is all about Yanny-Laurel. In an audio file shared by a 17-year-old on Instagram on Monday night, Chloe asked whether we heard the word Yanny or Laurel?

From Instagram it moved to Reddit and then Twitter and now it has penetrated the deep caverns of the internet as every Tom, Dick and Harry in your office as well as the great minds of our society (Chrissy Teigan, Mindy Kaling) insist what they are hearing is correct and making memes to keep you distracted from your work for hours.

But how are people so convinced it is one or the other? Dana Boebinger, a PhD student at Harvard and MIT who is studying neural basis of auditory perception, explained to the Twittersphere in seven parts how you are hearing what you are hearing so you can also start to hate your coworkers. She wrote: