How ClassPass’s new app is a game changer for business travelers

With the tremendous rise of boutique fitness classes a few years ago ClassPass was a game changer with its subscription model for an array of all those great, but expensive workouts. Now with their latest investment round of $85 million led by Temasek they have rolled out a new standalone app, which will be huge for business travelers who want to stay fit.

It is called ClassPass Go and it is an audio fitness class service, available on both iOS and Android. Users can choose from 500 workouts (with more to be added each month) including running, cycling, yoga, strength training, dance, and HIIT. “When building the app, we wanted to create a premium experience that ClassPass users have become accustomed to but that could be experienced in their living room, outdoors or at the gym,” said Dhaval Chadha, Senior Product Manager of ClassPass Go. “I’m also particularly excited that this offering will be free, removing one of the biggest barriers to entry for people looking to develop a fitness routine.”

The audio guides will, of course, be taught by first-rate instructors providing you with a full, satisfying workout no matter what time or the place.  “Audio workouts are one of the fastest growing categories in digital fitness given the convenience and flexibility,” Fritz Lanman, ClassPass CEO, said in a statement.

Working out when you travel is getting easier and easier

This is just the latest fitness brand to support business travelers. In addition to millennials, ClassPass’s primary audience, just loving to travel more people are traveling for work than ever.  In 2016 U.S. travelers took 458.9 million domestic business trips and this is expected to reach 478.2 million by 2020. However, according to a recent Hilton Hotels & Resorts survey being able to not work out is a common frustration for this group when they are traveling so much. Well, now they have a very good fix for that one.

With more and more workout brands teaming up with hotels like Peloton and Westin and The W Hotels of New York which have teamed up with The Mile High Running Club, Barre None and Swerve Fitness. Heck, even Delta teamed up with Equinox on a workout. “I love that brands today are making working out more accessible. By having apps and technology that allow us to still maintain a healthy lifestyle even on the go and from wherever we are across the globe is ensuring that we are making our health and wellbeing a priority. We don’t have excuses to not be active these days,” Ashley Nelson, Travel and Fitness Expert and Founder of On the 10 told Ladders.

You heard it there. No excuse.