Here’s what you really need to know about personality tests

Personality tests have been out there for a long time now, and they’re mainly used to determine a person’s traits and maybe even predict their behavior in certain situations.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of these kinds of tests circulating around the Internet and they have a wide range and variety of questions, and they all claim they can tell you more about yourself.

A career personality test can help you discover what you’re meant to do, while other tests can determine what kind of sandwich you are, or what flavor of Starbucks coffee suits your personality the best and these tests are fun, but clearly, they’re just for laughs and aren’t to be taken seriously.

Other, more serious tests are believed to actually be able to determine your personality and are very popular.

But are these tests as accurate as people believe them to be and can you really measure someone’s personality by taking a quiz?

Why is personality so important?

We as humans tend to label things and people in order to put them into specific categories, and this is natural for us as we don’t like when we don’t understand something because it brings confusion and sometimes fears into our minds.

And we label other people for a bunch of different reasons, some of them being:

1. We usually like to be friends with people who we have something in common and share similar interests.

2. We don’t like the people we can’t figure out what they’re like because it’s a strain to always be at the tip of your toes around someone when you don’t know how they’ll react in certain situations.

3. Whether we like it or not, but we’re constantly mirroring people who are either more successful than us or have achieved great things, and we think that if we have similar traits as them, that we’ll become successful too.

4. The ambiguity is what invokes fear in our minds, and when we can’t understand someone or something, we try to stay away from all of that. All of these reasons why we put labels on people are quite natural, and it’s easy to categorize others.

But when it comes to our own personality and traits, we aren’t so eager to jump into conclusions that fast.

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