These are the industries that hire the most Harvard Business School grads

Graduating from business school is a huge accomplishment, and can be seen as even more of a feat when you’ve mastered the ins and outs of an Ivy League university. Certainly, having that piece of paper handy can garner you accolades and networking opportunities galore, and often gives you more earning potential, or so the statistics support. According to recent recruiting data from Harvard, the average salary for a graduate of their MBA program is $210k, while the national average lands at $107k.

Not only that, but 57% of the class of 2019 nabbing a signing bonus averaging $30k. If that’s not enough of a perk, think about the types of companies that are currently hiring from the ivy league pool. Among their recent data, Harvard released some inside information about the companies that hire from their MBA program, and we have to admit, we’re not entirely surprised.

Check out the careers Harvard Business School (HBS) graduates are getting into most, and search similar options at top companies below.

1. Financial Services

As has been the trending factor in previous years, the majority of graduates from the class of 2020 went into financial services (34%). This truly comes as no surprise, as top companies are always interested in investing in people to keep their other investments safe.

Some top positions for people going into finance include finance managers, economists, risk managers, advisors, analysts, investment bankers, statisticians, logisticians, and more.

Amazon alone is currently hiring for a Senior Financial Analyst, Expansion Strategy, Finance Manager, Finance Manager (Customer Fulfillment), and Senior Financial Analyst. Time Warner and The New York Times are among the companies currently seeking out experts for top finance positions.

2. Consulting

Consulting came in as the second most sought-after position for the MBA class of 2020, employing 24% of graduates. The benefit of having an MBA for this particular career path is that you can position yourself within a firm for better advancement down the line. And, truly, someone who goes into this field can branch into many different industries with it. Strategy, tech, operations, HR, marketing & sales, engineering, career growth. This type of position has the ability to change and grow with you as your interests evolve.

According to Forbes, “Some 21% of admits [to the program] worked full-time for McKinsey, BCG or Bain (MBB) at some stage between college and heading to HBS.” And that’s all before they assume their roles as students within the program, as a high profile internship at any number of prestigious firms can get your foot in the door.

Currently, New York Life is hiring for a Corporate Vice President, Planning Strategy & Consulting – Change Management. If you are exploring a career in management consulting, check out these 8 signs that it might be the right fit for you.

3. Technology

As ever, technology continues to expand and innovate at a rapid pace, and ⅕ of Harvard MBA graduates from 2020 have found careers within the industry. The graduating class of 2020 picked up jobs at tech giants like Amazon, AfterPay, Apple, Google, and SpaceX. And according to Linkedin, 500 Harvard graduates currently hold positions at Google.

In 2020, Business Development Manager was among the top 10 hottest jobs in tech, an industry that will continue to expand and develop. Consider some of these cover letter tips if you’re looking at a job at a tech hub like Google Amazon, or Microsoft. (Google recruiters are pretty specific about your resume as well, and they currently have an opening for a Software Engineer.) If you’re interested specifically in Senior Technology Management positions, here are some questions you may face in the application process.

Aside from the noteworthy impact of an MBA from Harvard University, the two-year program offers students a general management education that boasts real-world business practices and application.

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