Google finds that teenagers don’t care about money or jobs

Ah, youth. A time when YouTube, Netflix and Google are the coolest things you can spend your time on.

Wait, what?

Yes, teenagers of “Gen Z” have dubbed Netflix, YouTube and Google the coolest brands on earth, according to a new report called “It’s Lit” from…Google. The tech giant, which is one of the biggest players in online advertising, surveyed 400 teenagers to find out which brands, and which activities, are driving the awareness of 14-to-17 year olds.

There are some surprises among Google’s finding and some not-so-surprising things.

One surprise: the majority of teens, or 60%, favor Instagram as their favorite social media platform, even more than Snapchat at only 56%. Facebook follows with 53% of teens on the platform, while Twitter is nearly nowhere with only 36%.

Another surprise? Teens don’t care very much about jobs or money, which is possibly a change from previous decades in which summer jobs (and saving for cool trips or a car) were a defining teen activity. Then again, since most adults barely care about what they’re doing at work, maybe the teens have just caught whatever their parents have.

Now, video games are the coolest activity for teens — especially the Legend of Zelda, COD Black Ops, and Grand Theft Auto, followed by technology and sports.

As for the most popular brands for teens? YouTube leads, follow by Netflix, Google, Xbox (those video games again), Oreo, GoPro, Playstation and Doritos.

The results should be taken with a grain of (highly processed) salt, however.

Why? Well, while teens like many of the usual pop-culture suspects, like Ariana Grande, Chance the Rapper, Drake and Beyoncé, the study claims that the young people of today also like…Coldplay. That’s a little suspicious.