Fox News’ Twitter Gets Hacked

Independence Day brought some fireworks to the Fox News’ twitter account early Monday morning. An, as-of-yet, unknown hacker, “sent out several malicious and false tweets claiming that President Obama had been assassinated,” according to the most recent articleThe article also states that that the secret service will follow up especially diligently because of the nature of the tweets.

So, how does this tidbit of news apply to you and your job search?
Take it as a small reminder that you are your web presence, particularly when you are job hunting.
Here are some quick tips so that you, unlike Fox News, will not be misrepresented online.

    • Be aware of your web trail — meaning, know what it says about you. Google yourself often. Set up alerts. If you can find it, so can a potential employer.
    • Mind your personal brand — even if you are not hacked, an indiscretion could keep you from getting a job. Or in some cases (Congressman Weiner…) or even get you fired.


Don’t let a Twitter misfire assassinate your chances at  new career.