Facebook wants to help you find your next job

Mark Zuckerberg, recruiter?

Social media giant Facebook is expanding into the online job-search marketplace, according to tech blog The Next Web.

TNW editor Matt Navarra cited a screengrab of a prototype of Facebook’s new feature — which compiles a summary of  your name, image, contact information, and work history — and asked Facebook to comment on it.

“At Facebook, we’re always testing new features and services,” Navarra quoted a Facebook official as replying. “We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook.”

The move is the latest for the social media behemoth, which previously rolled out Workplace by Facebook, a collection of tools for office workers to communicate that takes on Google and Slack, including instant messaging group chat, live streaming video for meetings, and bots that can take over “repetitive tasks” like coming up with rote answers to text messages about meetings.

Google has also waded into the job listings world, rolling out its Google Cloud Job Discovery Service earlier this month, which uses artificial intelligence — and a translation service that works for 100 languages — to pair up qualified candidates with open job listings. The search giant has reportedly also been adding services to its traditional search field, including letting job hunters get notifications when a job opens up that matches their interests.