Employees really feel these types of benefits at work are the most important

More than half of employees think wellness benefits are the most important factor in the workplace.

A new study, powered by digital fitness platform Zeamo, surveyed 5,000 people currently employed across the US to get a sense of how they felt about their current wellness benefits and preferences. The majority of participants said they don’t feel their employers are giving them the right wellness benefits which have stunted them from having a healthier lifestyle.

Seventy percent of respondents said they wished their current employers provided them with fitness benefits. That alarming number even influenced nearly two-thirds to say they would leave their current job for something that offered better work perks, especially Millennials (78%).

For employees, nearly half felt it was their employer’s responsibility to keep them physically in tip-top shape. But most felt that their employer makes it difficult to squeeze in a workout during the work week due to work obligations with more than a third reporting they were too tired to get to the gym and commit to ao workout.

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