Doing these activities during work breaks if you want to be more creative

Tech fatigue got you down? Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed from the fact that work never leaves and you never leave work? Do you find yourself doomscrolling—an evening ritual of endless scrolling—and feel that it’s leaving you even more depressed? You’re not alone. 

In 2020, the average adult is, “spending over three hours per day on social media,” according to Whatagraph. That’s 21 hours per week, almost an entire day.

For many, the problem isn’t as much about putting the phone down as it is the question: what will I do with my time now that I have it?

Having a healthy flow of creativity throughout your day can actually increase productivity. We often believe that to be productive we have to sit at our computers day in and day out until we finish a project, no matter how frustrated or stuck we become.

“During creative activities, you will experience flow states where you connect deeply with what you’re doing at the moment,” Sarah Olray wrote for Thrive Global. Putting ourselves into a creative flow is an excellent practice for our minds when we need to be productive for our jobs.

Creativity also provides us with a new perspective. So when we do find ourselves in a difficult situation at work, rather than barreling through begrudgingly, take a step back and ask yourself what you need at this moment. We often forget that we have a creative toolbox at our fingertips, so read on to refresh your memory.

  1.  Fresh air will do you good. The days are shorter and your mood swings are at an all-time high. It’s winter alright! If you’re finding yourself unable to escape the computer until nightfall, try waking up half an hour early to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. Other benefits include, improved focus and decreased stress to name a few.
  2.  When in doubt, journal it out. Can’t seem to get through a day at your desk without turning to your phone? Stop and ask yourself what you’re really avoiding and write down your feelings. Oftentimes, our work suffers if we have something going on internally. It’s best to get it out on paper. 
  3. All work and no play makes anyone dull. Did you know that puzzles actually release dopamine? Dope! That same hormone we receive from social media (likes and follows) we get from putting puzzle pieces together. Set one up in your house and take a few 10-minute breaks throughout the day to give your eyes a break and get those feel-good hormones flowing.
  4. The energy goes where the energy flows. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but there’s something to be said about taking a deep breath when things get tough. Before responding to your boss angrily or wanting to throw your computer against a wall due to Zoom difficulties, try one of these breathing exercises. Better yet, throw in some yoga flows to put your body into a zen state. Nothing will bother you then!
  5. Get Crafty. Arts and crafts look different to everyone. It could be painting, dancing, or creating a new podcast concept. Whatever your side hobby or project is, this is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Try setting aside time during your workday to switch gears and work on your project.

When it comes to creativity, there is neither a ceiling nor a floor. Use your imagination and envision your perfect workday. We have the unique opportunity to use our personal spaces while working from home to create an ideal environment. So get to work! Your creative toolbox is calling.