Do recruiters and employers check your LinkedIn? How to leverage it

According to a recent study, over 70% of employers check social media profiles of candidates to learn more about them. For those who think that they are better off without any digital footprint and have never created or delete their accounts, this is not a piece of good news. According to a recent survey, about 47% of employers said that they would not call a candidate for interview who does not have any social media presence.LinkedIn is possibly the best tool that a candidate has to showcase her professional persona. A well-customized profile attracts recruiters and potential employers who are looking for a suitable candidate. Sometimes all you need is to get your foot in the door, and rest follows.

Being precise about the role you are looking for tops the list of things you might want to work on to attract recruiters on LinkedIn. Having clarity about your desired career path speaks volumes about you and also helps in attracting the right recruiters and employers from your required industry. One of the most embarrassing things that often puts recruiters off is poor grammar and incorrect spellings. Proofread your profile for such mistakes and watch out for those repeated words. You also might want to consider sharing it with your family or close friends as running it by more eyes certainly helps.

Keeping your status updated can be quite helpful. Creating a profile and then not logging in for months or years together shows a lack of interest in one’s own career. Were you the employee of the month a couple recently? Did you just recently take up a course to become more efficient at your job? You might think of sharing it on LinkedIn as bragging, but it is better to stay active and current. Also, these achievements can be talked about without bragging as well. Same goes for showcasing your publications such as your own website, blog or an article in a popular magazine.

There are many other things that you can implement to your LinkedIn profile such as usage of Industry-specific keywords relevant to your roles. This would help you be found by recruiters when they search for those keywords. LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to stop being just another candidate and create your own brand. Stand out from the crowd and learn ways in which you can attract recruiters and employers on LinkedIn. Happy job hunting! Checking out this infographic from CV-Nation for more.