Alexa (and other digital assistants) are entering the job search market

Finding your next job could become as easy as asking digital assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for help, but its first stop is going to be for a Big Mac.

McDonald’s announced last month that workers looking for a job at the fast-food giant can simply apply through either voice application as part of the company’s global hiring campaign. McDonald’s “Apply Thru” skill is touted as the world’s first voice-initiated application process, according to the company.

“We must continue to innovate and think of creative, and in this case, groundbreaking ways to meet potential job seekers on devices they are already using, like Alexa,” McDonald’s Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer David Fairhurst said in a statement. “Alexa has many of the qualities we look for on our teams — friendly, responsive and fun. I am looking forward to having our application process simplified with Alexa.”

“Alexa, I’d like a new job please”

Applicants can simply say, “Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s” or use any device using Google Assistant by directing the service, “Ok Google, talk to McDonald’s Apply Thru.” Users will have to answer a few questions based on their name, job area of interest, and location, per McDonald’s.

The application process will be open to workers in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. It’s expected to be made available to other countries in the coming months.

“Alexa makes life easier, and we’re thrilled to see McDonald’s utilize voice to create a simpler, more convenient job application process for customers,” Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Alexa said in a statement. “With Apply Thru, customers can start the process for a job at their nearest McDonald’s restaurant – all they need to do is ask.”