Delta and Equinox teamed up to help you beat jet lag faster

People have different cures for jet lag. From getting off the plane and immediately hitting the town to drinking bottles and bottles of water (or maybe an energy drink) to just being in utter denial that they have no idea what time it is and didn’t just sit on a plane for 12 hours. But one of the tried and true tips that many experts recommend is to exercise if you are trying to combat jet lag.

What essentially happens when you fly for a long period of time through different time zones is the body’s circadian rhythms are thrown off because the external cues of night and day have been completely messed up. However, research has found what the body does respond to is exercise.

Studies have found that people could adapt to time differences as big as eight hours if they were able to exercise at the same time every day.  Exercise helps muscles and peripheral tissues synchronize with the new time zone and tells your body this is when you need to be awake. A 2014 study also found that the more physically fit you are the less impacted you are by jet lag.

Travel and fitness expert Ashley Nelson of On the 10 told Ladders, “After any long flight to help ward off jet lag I always make sure to find either a workout class, a hike or the hotel gym. I need to stay active and get my blood flowing again. It’s so important to move your body after a long flight! Depending on what time zone I’m in I may do yoga in my room or at the gym to just stretch my body and decompress before taking a nap or going to bed.”

Sweat out the jet lag

This is why Delta and Equinox have come together to build Sweatlag, a new workout specifically created to help you beat your jet lag.“Each exercise is based on movement patterns we perform on the go (like carrying suitcases and placing your bags in the overhead bin) and ones we need to do as a result of our sedentary habits en route,” Dana McCaw, Los Angeles-based creative manager of group fitness at Equinox, said in a statement.

Currently, Sweatlag classes are only available for participating Equinox facilities in West Hollywood, Westwood, and Marina del Rey, California through August 2. Fliers just need to show their Delta plane ticket or SkyMiles member number at the Equinox locations to get the class. However, if you are not near an Equinox you can also watch free online videos Sweatlag has produced so you can do the workouts anywhere like your hotel room. Check out one of the videos below.

The launch is part of Delta’s new Airbus A350 which is also about giving customers a less jet lag-inducing flight through more light, wider windows and better cabin pressure. “Research suggests that exercise keeps (jet lag) away on the ground by helping with time-change adjustments and speeding up the return to normal circadian rhythms,” according to a statement from agency Wieden + Kennedy New York, which helped produce the campaign.