Create Your Next Job

The perfect job may not be listed on a job board or even exist… yet.

Your ideal employment opportunity might not be listed on a job board. For that matter, it might not even have a job description. Here are some tips on identifying, developing and landing a job that doesn’t currently exist.

Change How You Search.

Most job seekers search for relevant positions rather than preferred places to work. You might assume that your dream employer isn’t in need of what you’re offering because they’re not advertising for it. The reality is that every single successful company is open to receiving top talent. Take it from me as a business developer for an executive search firm — leading organizations agree that human capital is their most valued asset and will pay to find more. If you’re confident in your value proposition, go directly to your dream companies and offer them your skill set.

Avoid Black Holes.

Although it may sometimes work, I don’t recommend sending your information through the company Web site or a general e-mail address. Clients have admitted to me that their process for receiving resumes online is not effective. In fact, I recall one situation where a client paid a fee to a recruiter for presenting a candidate who was already in their system.

Go to the Top.

Since we’re talking about developing a position that doesn’t exist, human resources might not be the optimal place to go. HR is primarily focused on filling active searches that can keep them exceptionally busy. You want to determine who the hiring manager would be based on what it is that you can do. It’s good to know that you can find many of these people on a company’s Web site or just by doing a bit of research. If you’re interested in working within the marketing department, contact the vice president of marketing or the chief marketing officer (CMO).

Make Them Want You.

Once you identify the right person it’s important that you meet face to face. After all, you’re interested in exploring a situation that may not have been on this individual’s mind. A colleague of mine who had been a VP of sales recently fell in love with an Internet company that didn’t seem to have a sales leader. He reached out to the CEO and set up a lunch. After that meeting and several weeks spent courting the board of directors, the company hired him as their chief revenue officer.

Being engaging and having a compelling value proposition can help you create your dream job. Remember, only you can create your next job.