Company CEOs are more likely to grow up with a pet

Want to ensure your kid makes it to the C-Suite? Get a dog or a cat. According to a new survey, from Banfield Pet Hospital and Kelton Research that talked to 857 Americans ages 18 and up, of those that were C-Suite executives 93% grew up with a pet.

And even more interesting? Nearly 80% said their childhood pet contributed to their career success. Twenty-four percent said their childhood pet taught them more about leadership, responsibility, and empathy than their first internship.

This isn’t that hard to believe. After all, would Charlie Brown have been anyone without Snoopy? And Timmy wouldn’t even have survived without Lassie. That kid was always falling in wells. Like all the time.

The study also found that pets are helpful for successful grownup people as well.

  • 77% of C-suite executives said they came up with business ideas while walking Fido (or maybe their cat)
  • 86% said their pet helped them stick to a routine, have good time management and do more multitasking
  • Pets are also useful for the life part of work-life balance. The survey found that pets helped 93% of C-suite executives to relax and unwind.