Watch out Starbucks! Burger King just launched a coffee subscription service

A couple of years ago Chick-Fil-A, of all places, took the top spot on Thrillist’s list of the most recommended fast food places to snag a cup of coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts took the number two spot,  Wendy’s landed at number three, Mickey D’s came in at number four and Burger King rounded out the top five.

Fifth isn’t too much to boast about, especially on a list of six, but BK may have just increased their chances of rising a few places this year with the unveiling of their new coffee subscription service. For just $5 a month you can treat yourself to an unlimited supply of Burger King coffee.  Cup runneth over.

How it works

First, you have to purchase the Burger King app-which is free.  Then you have to curb your excitement just slightly, because by unlimited BK actually means one cup a day. No refills. Also, the subscription doesn’t apply to iced coffee. Or any specialty coffee. Or at all if you live in Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii. But once you register, any size of standard BK Joe is yours for the taking.

The Burger King cafe is a relatively new venture but the early word has been by and large positive. They’ve got all the stuff we’ve come to love from any worthwhile commercial coffee chain; complete with frappes, mochas and flavored iced coffees.

Their standard black cup uses a 100% latin arabica blend from Seattle’s Best Coffee. The notes are reported to be sweet and savory. According to the fast food franchise’s Instagram account,  “u always remember every sip of BK Café because our coffee is carefully brewed to perfection so as soon as u smell the sweet Arabicanesss u know you’re in for the coffee of a lifetime except u get to have it every day and even set reminders with your phone.”

Sign up and revel in free fast food coffee.