Every travel lover needs to read this dream job description created by Bumble

Bumble has created the ultimate job description that was pulled from every travel lover’s dreams. The company, a social, dating, and networking application, just hired two content creators to travel around the world, with their main mission being to make connections using all of the app’s three features: dating, making friends, and networking.

Bumble announced in June that two Global Connector Bees will spend two weeks in different cities across the globe and share their experiences through blog/vlog posts, social media, and other creative outlets.

While you might want to snag this job for yourself, the company just announced Brigette Muller and Juliana Broste as its inaugural Connector Bees. Muller and Brost head out to their first destination, Singapore, to kick-off the program in conjunction with the brand’s launch of its professional networking mode Bumble Bizz in the Asian city on Jan. 17.

Ladders had the chance to catch up with Muller and Broste to hear about their expectations, fears, and goals for the upcoming year.

Juliana, you created a sample video when you went down for an interview at the Bumble office in Austin, Texas. Is that the type of content you’re looking to create throughout this journey?

Juliana Broste: “Yea, I think that’s a really great place to start. I’d love to use the app on all three modes in all the countries. There’s so much to explore. I want to know about the dating culture, I want to make friends and do cool experiences that locals would do that I wouldn’t have known about.

I’m really excited to see what business connections exist. I run my own business and there’s always freelancers and independent creative people and people that are just like me, and I can’t wait to share stories and tools and figure out some ways we can work together.

It was so much fun to share that story. It came from such a special place in my heart. I was surprised to even capture real moments on video. Usually that happens when you travel…you have these amazing experiences with people but you can’t get it on video because it happened already and then it’s gone. So I was really excited my video turned out like that.

I loved sharing it with my friends. It’s been fun having them along for the adventure because over weeks and months they have been asking me ‘Did you find out?’ and I can’t tell them. It’s very exciting that it turned out this way. And we’re leaving in a few days!”

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NEW VIDEO 🎥: I’ve been busy as a bee 🐝 working on a special video for YOU in Austin, Texas. 🌵🤠🌮 GUESS WHAT, I’m STILL in the running to become @bumble 's Global Connector Bee! It’s a unique opportunity to travel the world making connections and meeting people using Bumble! Bumble Date, Bumble Biz, Bumble BFF, all of it! What a super cool life experience and amazing opportunity to meet interesting peeps and tell stories. Wish me luck! This special video 🎥 is about my experience in Austin using Bumble. I’m really excited about what I captured and the authentic moments within. These are real moments. You know when you’re traveling, these types of interactions and experiences happen often but are usually impossible to film capture with a camera…but somehow, I feel like I was able to bottle that magic 🎩 and include it in this story. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really put myself out there like this before, so I’m really excited to hear your thoughts! Do you want to see more like this? Thanks so much for your support! 💗 On this adventure, I take you along for the ride using Bumble and making a special connection, meanwhile experiencing some of Austin’s unique experiences…like, ahem, chicken 🐓 @#$% bingo (yeah, it’s a thing) at the Little Longhorn Saloon, hiking up Mount Bonnell at sunset 🌅, and Texas BBQ at the Salt Lick 🔥. But as you’ll see, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey! Thanks for joining me! WATCH: Bumble Global Connector Bee Hopeful: TravelingJules in Austin, Texas #GlobalConnectorBee http://bit.ly/2L06ai9
 #GlobalConnectorBee #Bumble #travelingjules #travel #TravelVlogger #storyteller #Austin #texas #TrueAustin

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Brigette Muller: “We just learned that it’s one of the longest flights in the entire world that we’re about to get on.”

Oh really, how long is it?

BM: “18 hours and 45 minutes.”

JB: “I’m excited to put that on my list of traveler accomplishments. Longest plane right ever! We’re kicking it off all the way on the other side of the world.”

Brigette, are you ready to leave New York?

BM: “Oh yes, I’ve been ready for so long. This has been a long time coming and it feels so good that it’s finally here. Now that its happening, it feels like it’s happening really fast. We’re about to leave in a few days! I hope I’m ready.”

Aside from this great gig, what drew each of you to want to be a part of Bumble?

BM: “Over the years it’s become really important to me that I feel like my personal values align with whichever brands I’m working for or doing work with. Bumble is such a great brand in that way because they are so clear and loud about what it is that they stand for and that really resonates with me. I’m so excited to align myself with Bumble and I’m really excited to say that I am partnering with Bumble on this.”

JB: “Yes, me too! Bumble is a recognizable brand and I love how it’s sunshine and it’s bright and fun, but at the same time they stand for such strong and important values that are so important at this time. Empowering women, being kind to people, respecting each other…values that we all should have but you forget, so it’s nice that this brand is very strong on what they believe in. It’s easy to align with that.”

A big part of this role is making connections through Bumble. Are you excited for that?

BM: “I’m so excited for that! It’s such a cool thing to be able to travel just with this one person, Jules, who I didn’t meet until yesterday. We know that these trips are going to be filled with connections and interactions with people and it’s all made possible through the app, which is insane. I’m excited to go on dates, I’m excited to meet new friends and go on group hangouts and make business contacts. Connection is what this whole thing is about and it’s so exciting.

I also feel like if you were to travel and go somewhere and not talk to a single person, you would still have a great experience, but the people that you’re connecting with are really what makes an experience what it is. So it’s going to amplify the fact that we’re already in these amazing locations.”

JB: “You can travel the world in so many different ways, but it’s the people that really resonate with you. You can make a friend on an airplane, you can meet someone at the grocery store, but to have an opportunity on an app like Bumble and be able to meet people in a way you never would have met them is so exciting because you can find someone who is interested in similar things. Maybe you have a similar lifestyle, like maybe you both drink, or you both have dogs…whatever those things are, it gives you a chance to start with a higher success rate for love, friendship, business, and all those things.”

What excites you most about this new role?

BM: “The whole package is really just…there’s nothing that I’m not excited about. But if I have to say, what is it? The combination of creating content, going on dates, and traveling…those three together are what is really making me feel so excited.”

JB: “It’s such a unique opportunity to go to a series of places in a short amount of time and have so many adventures. We’re going to be documenting these adventures on camera. It’s going to feel like a lifetime of adventures in a short year. I’m looking forward to everything.

I’ve traveled, but to see it all in one fell swoop, it’s really exciting. When you travel, it’s different at every age. When I traveled when I was right out of college, it was a different experience than where I am now. It will be a different experience when I have kids and when I’m retired. I love the idea that this adventure is happening right now. It’s the perfect time.”

Is there anything you are nervous about concerning this new role?

BM: “In general, no. But if I had to pick out one thing, it probably would be the physical aspect. I want to make sure I’m able to take care of my body’s needs. Being in different time zones and trying different foods, I just want to make sure that I can stay healthy and be functioning at my best the whole time.”

JB: “I have a tendency to work really hard. When I’m traveling, I go hard, so I’m afraid I might forget to sleep. My mom is always like, ‘did you rest?’ And I’m like ‘Nooo, but tonight I am going to go home and rest.’ I’ll have to remember my mom telling me to take a nap.

There’s going to be so many adventures right outside our front door. It’s like the ultimate test of time management. It’s like, ‘oh my god, I have three days here, what am I going to do?’ I can’t do everything, so trying to decide, what’s worth this 30 minutes? What’s worth this full day? But you do have to charge your batteries. You definitely have to recharge. Sometimes you’re like, ‘not another temple!'”

What are you hoping to learn throughout this journey?

BM: “I think a big one is seeing what all of these, like dating and friend finding and meeting with people over work type things, what is that like in all of these different cities and countries? And does that differ from one place to another? What is the atmosphere? What is the norm? What are the dos and don’ts? This is all of the stuff we don’t know but we’re going to be experiencing it firsthand.

Secondly, just learning about myself. It’s kind of cliché, but it’s true. When you travel you grow so much and a lot of times you don’t realize it until the whole thing is over, but when you look at who you were before and who you were after, you can’t even compare.”

JB: “Travel is so transformative. I think about people who don’t prioritize travel because they want to buy the house or the car or the things, and I wish for everybody to have experience traveling because traveling is a thing you can collect because you collect memories, you collect experiences, you collect photos, and it’s very valuable. A lot of Americans actually forget to take their vacation time. Traveling is definitely valuable and especially at different points in your life it can really transform how you think about things.

But this is a people project, this is all about the human connection. As much as people think the world is so different, I can’t wait to realize how much we’re all the same. We’re all human…we all need love, we all need shelter…we all need the same things. In every culture that will be a really neat thread to see how that fits together.”

Part of the job description mentions that the Global Connector Bees will be conducting “research and case studies within the social networking scene.” Do you have any ideas for how to get started on that?

BM: “We’re not going to be conducting case studies, per se. These are real experiences, so we’re really meeting up with these people. I think the research aspect of it is more figuring out how people make connections in different parts of the world and communicating that back to Bumble.”

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JB: “It’s going to be the most incredible 2020. As a business owner, I run my own small business, I’m really excited to explore the business function to meet other freelancers and creatives around the world. People who work for themselves, people who are travel bloggers…I think there’s a lot of interesting people that I can’t wait to connect with via Bumble.”

BM: “It will be really inspiring to meet up with people who are doing their own thing in a different way and learn things from them.”

JB: “And at home my friends never want to go on vacations with me because we never have the same schedule and we might not have the same interests or budget. But when you’re traveling, you make friends so easily because everyone has the same motivation and you’re in the same place at the same time. So I’m excited to use Bumble BFF to meet some local people who want to do some fun activities. It will be a new way to meet people. You don’t need to drag your friends from home!”