Build a Better Career With Big Data. Here’s How.

Big data is changing everything. From how we do our jobs to who we date, the numbers are now dictating what to do – and we’re better for it. In business, organizations are using big data to do everything from identify customer pain points to predict when employees will quit their jobs.

But does big data affect the average professional? The answer is yes – and more than you’d think. In fact, here at Ladders, we believe the most successful professionals are those who arm themselves with data. So we harnessed our 10+ years of career data to develop an exciting new tool to make you a better job seeker now, and a more informed, successful professional throughout the course of your career.

Ladders’ custom-generated Job Market Guides give you the information on your position and market that help you navigate tricky career maneuvers – whether you’re considering a job change or looking to move up the proverbial corporate ladder. Here are three ways you can leverage Ladders’ industry insights to build a better career.

Negotiate a better salary

Ladders recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 professionals, and found that nearly half of them believe they’re underpaid. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to do something about it, first gather all the facts. Use resources like Ladders’ Job Market Guides to determine the going rate for your position in the current marketplace, and the level of competition. It’s much easier to negotiate for what you deserve when you’re armed with facts.

Identify skill gaps

What’s the fast track to losing your edge? Becoming too comfortable in your position. It’s imperative that you continue to develop new skills that will propel your career forward. Use these job market guides to identify the skills recruiters want to see when hiring for your dream job. Cross-reference these with your own so you can start making steps to fill the gaps. This list of Desired Skills is also a great to peruse as you’re prepping for your annual review and creating a professional development plan for the New Year.

Find new opportunities

If the job market for your field seems especially tight in your current city, it might not be your imagination. Ladders found that, depending on the city, one job seeker’s desert can be another’s oasis. A quick search through Ladders’ Job Market Guide will reveal the level of Competition for your job in your area, and recommend the best cities to advance your career. Check out your Ladders Rank to identify the top five cities for your position.

When it comes time for your next career move, make sure you’re fully equipped. Check out your personalized free Job Market Guide today at