6 Apps to Use During Your Job Search

Get back up to speed on your job search by trying out these useful apps.

There are a variety of different ways to search for jobs in this day and age. There is always the age old option of looking through the classifieds of your local newspaper. Many people choose to wade through all of the posts made on Craigslist. There are typically job listings on each specific company website, as well. But with new technology comes new ways to search for jobs. There are many apps that are now available to help you along in your job search. Here are just a few that you should consider looking into.

  1. JibberJobber. This app acts like a filing cabinet or personal assistant right inside your phone. The app keeps track of everything that is relevant to your job search: where you applied, who your contact for each company is, jobs you want to apply for. This is good if you have a hard time keeping organized or just want to go that extra mile. This will also prevent the embarrassing mistake of applying to the same job twice.
  2. SnapDat. This is an app that allows you to send an e-business card to anyone on your contact list. This is a great app to have if you are working on your networking and are going to new events to make contacts. Once you’ve met someone and have gotten their contact details, you can send them a quick e-business card that will help them remember you as well as give them your information.
  3. CardDrop. This is an app that is similar to SnapDat in that it uses e-business cards. However, it uses your business information in a different way. With the app you can create your own e-card. Then, you can “drop” your business card. The app uses your GPS to determine the location where you dropped your card. New contacts can then pick up the card with your info or by typing in the meeting location.
  4. Pocket Resume. This app is an invaluable tool that allows you to apply for jobs on the go. Within the app you can create and maintain your resume, and then email it out straight from your phone. This is good if you are using your other useful apps and come across a job that you want to apply for ASAP. You don’t want to waste time when it comes to applying for a position, and this app helps speed up the process.
  5. Interview Pro. This is a study-session app that might take you back to your school days. This app has 80 interview questions, some of which are common and some that are more unique. The app also offers ways in which to answer those questions. If you study enough with this app you will sound confident and well-spoken at your interview, which is always a plus.
  6. In the Door. This is an app that takes a look at all of your social media contacts and what companies they work for. Then, they show you relevant job listings from those companies. Since you already know someone at that company, you are “in the door”. It’s always good to use your connections when it comes to looking for a job. Knowing someone can be the difference between getting the job or falling short at the last second.