American kids would rather be this horribly modern ‘profession’ than astronauts

Imagine the guts,  the glory, and finally the awe of floating in space after years of studying and training.

But according to a recent survey, American kids today have no interest in being an astronaut. They’d rather be a YouTuber or a vlogger.

A Harris Poll survey commissioned by LEGO surveyed 3,000 children in the United States, UK, and China about their future .

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The children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up and given five professions to choose from: astronaut, professional athlete, teacher, musician, or Youtuber/blogger.

Twenty-nine percent of Americans and 30% of those in the UK wanted to be a YouTuber/vlogger at three times the rate they did an astronaut. For American kids, “astronaut” was the least-popular future profession.

Meanwhile, 56% of kids in China wanted to be an astronaut, with Youtuber/vlogger coming in last on the list.

Still, kids showed that they were nevertheless imaginative about our future in space. Almost all of those surveyed (90%) said they’d like to learn more about space exploration.

When asked if they would like to travel into space, 95% of Chinese kids said they would, and nearly 70% of U.S. kids and 63% of British children did.

Nearly all kids from every country surveyed – China (97%), the UK (87%), and the US (88%) believe that humans will travel to Mars in the future. A quarter (24%) of kids who think humans will travel to Mars think it will happen either this year or next. That’s a pretty fast timeframe!

Three-quarters of kids believe that humans will live in outer space or on a different planet, though kids from China fervently believe so, (96%) at a much higher rate than kids from the US (66%) and UK (62%).

Perhaps by the time that happens, some of today’s American and English kids will be broadcasting their YouTube channels straight from space.