Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelers

Being trapped on a plane with strangers can lead to culture clashes.

For peasants like us who fly in predetermined seats, you can’t choose who you’ll sit next to. It can be a game of roulette whether you’ll get an overly talkative seat mate, an overly neurotic seat mate, or in the case of Twitter user Jessie Char, your seat mate can go beyond a human being bound by morality and laws—it can be a foot.

On Wednesday, Char shared what started out as a happy story.


But then, uninvited guests for the flight arrived across the aisle.

Hold on. The story gets better.

A disembodied foot with a mind of its own?! This is where most of us would draw the line.

The moral quandary of bare feet on airplanes

I let out an audible gasp when I read this. Many of us rest our heads on those window shades when we sleep on planes! Where has this foot been?

On the one hand, there is nothing pressingly wrong with what this passenger is doing. You shouldn’t call the flight attendant over for this. These feet aren’t harassing anyone. There is no one sitting in the chairs that the feet have occupied. What’s one person’s grossed-out reaction is another person’s paradise, as the abridged saying goes.

But putting your uncovered feet in spaces that other people touch touches a visceral nerve of ‘nope.’ It may not cross a legal boundary, but showing off your bare feet on public transportation does cross a traditional social boundary.

The story could be worse, however. Char spotted the rogue feet across the aisle. Unsightly to look at, but a safe distance away.

Twitter user Brittany Prime had an unwanted, peeling and calloused foot on top of her arm rest.

Wow is that horrifying.

Of course, foot etiquette is a consistent subject of discussion for flyers. Yet people never seem to learn. Here’s hoping your next business trip is less funky.