How to know you need a career coach

Invest in a career coach to propel your career forward.

In the cutthroat job market, it’s important that prof essionals find their competitive edge. Sometimes an outside opinion can guide you in times of uncertainty or moments for motivation.

A career coach can work directly with a job seeker, handling everything from resume consulting to job interview training. If you choose the right coach, not only will you land a great job, but you’ll ensure it’s the right fit, giving you the long-term success you need. Here are some things a career coach can do for you.

Expert Career Advice

Before you launch your next job search, you should make sure you’re going in the right direction. A career coach first acts as an advisor, determining your skillset and long-term goals. Once these components have been established, a career coach will help you come up with a strategy to help achieve your goals.

A career coach can also recommend courses of action you never even thought of. An expert’s advice could lead you to pursue a position that may match your long-term goals in a better angle.

Resume Review

Although career coaches won’t write your resume for you, they’ll review your existing one and provide technical tips on how to improve it. They can also review your LinkedIn profile and check to see if you are hitting the right notes.

These professionals are equipped with a multitude of far-reaching connections and will introduce you to the right ones. These newly formed alliances will thus help improve your chances of achieving your dream career.

Networking Tips

One of the best ways to gain an edge over the competition is to directly connect with hiring managers and business leaders. Candidates who are seeking these connections will often search through social networks with limited success.

On the other hand, a career coach can introduce you to a variety of networking opportunities that can help you get ahead, such as local events and meetings. You’ll also learn invaluable ways to use existing connections to get an introduction to the people who can help you in your job search. Your coach may even know recruiters and professionals who are looking for someone with your very skill-set.

Job Interview Training

Preparing for a job interview can be a stressful experience, especially if you do not know how to answer difficult questions like, ” What are your salary expectations ?”.

A career coach can roleplay with you and help formulate responses to match your personal branding. You’ll also have a very clear outline of your career path, so you will naturally be able to formulate better answers to questions such as, ” Tell me a little bit about yourself ?”

Advancement Opportunities

Career advice isn’t limited to the job search process, either. Even after you’ve landed a great job, you can benefit from advice on everything from dealing with office politics to asking for a raise.

If you find the right coach, consider keeping that person on speed dial. You may find that the advice you receive from your advisor as versatile and well-rounded.


The job market is competitive, but professionals can still find the perfect job. By working with a career coach, job seekers can set themselves in the right direction, landing a job that will do far more rewarding than just pay the bills.