According to this CEO, these are the leadership skills you must have in 2020

Leaders come in many different forms. While some are intimidating and demanding, others lead by example. Despite the difference in tactics, one overarching goal remains consistent among them – all
leaders are working to bring out the best in their teams. It is incumbent upon these leaders to identify the most effective ways to guide their team members, and in what capacity. It is equally critical to
understand which employees respond best to what methods of leadership.

With 63% of Millennials claiming to notice a general lack of leadership in their workplaces, it is paramount that this trend is corrected going into the new year. Skills like self-awareness, servant
leadership, and adaptability will serve you well in 2020 as you look to more effectively lead your team.


Arguably no skill signifies a strong leader like self-awareness. Studies have found self-awareness was the most significant indicator of future success. The ability to understand your own strengths and weaknesses will equip you to work effectively with different co-workers possessing differing strengths. Setting a precedent of self-awareness among your team will allow your co-workers to more honestly
assess themselves as well, and better gauge their own individual strengths and weaknesses. This will undoubtedly propel your team to work more efficiently, with everyone understanding where they excel
and where they lack.

In addition, team members benefit from working in an environment that promotes self-awareness and discourages individuals from hiding their weaker skills. Instead, leading a company with an honest
understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses will set the stage for a more streamlined workflow in 2020.

Servant Leadership Mentality

Incorporating a service-based approach to leadership will serve you well going into the new year. This leadership skill requires company managers to serve the employees that work below them according to
company hierarchy.

The serve-first mindset aims to empower and embolden each employee, regardless of internal ranking or title. Such leadership requires managers to leverage humility, empathy, and unselfishness, while
ultimately employing a “no-ego” mentality.

Servant leadership is incredibly effective while building companies, as it emphasizes staff development, and allows them to work in an environment that unlocks their individual potential. When your staff feels
empowered, they will be more innovative, engaged, and operate with a greater sense of purpose.


The ability to adapt to complex work situations will prove to be an invaluable leadership skill in 2020. According to Forbes, only 61 companies on the 1955 Fortune 500 list remained in 2014 – meaning 88% of such companies either folded or merged. Point being, the companies that were unable to change with the times didn’t last.

In order to foster adaptability in the workplace, it begins with the leaders. Those in the driver’s seat would be wise to develop a culture of flexibility and adaptability – ebbing and flowing with changes.

Flexible leaders are able to adjust their approaches to both their employees and unpredictable circumstances. Each employee has a different personality and a unique skill set. Adaptable leaders are able to communicate and collaborate with each employee in the most optimal way, bringing out the best in each co-worker.

Adaptable leaders are able to quickly change direction and guide their team with a new strategy if need be. As the business world becomes more unpredictable, possessing the skill of adaptability will prove to
be essential in the coming year.

As 2019 comes to a close, company leaders are encouraged to take a step back and reflect on the past year to set a benchmark for 2020. As leaders, there is always room to improve. Although the coming year will likely bring its own set of unique challenges, successes, and failures, it is paramount that leaders prepare now to be well-equipped as 2020 approaches. In order to best prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, leaders would be wise to develop skills like self-awareness, the desire and ability to serve, and adaptability.

Shannon Adkins, is the CEO of Future State.