8 telltale signs you’re about to get a promotion

If you are ready to take that next step in your organization, there could be several telltale signs that your employer is about ready to give you that opportunity

Often, these signs won’t be obvious. 

For example, your boss may not specifically tell you that you’re up for a promotion.

But if you notice that your company is giving you more important projects or inviting you to meetings that you never attended before, it could be a sign that you are in line for a promotion. 

Are you seeing any of these telltale signs of a promotion?

8 signs you are about to get a promotion

Your responsibilities are increasing. 

There is a good reason why your company is boosting your workload.

They know that you can handle it, and the increase in your responsibilities could mean that they are setting you up for your next major position in the company. 

Your workload is more integral to the company. 

In addition to more work, if your company is giving you assignments that more directly impact the organization, you are probably headed in the right direction.

Representing the company at trade shows or conferences, writing proposals for high-value projects, and helping to build that new department or sales vertical are indications that your company believes you are ready for the next step

You are more involved with hiring decisions. 

If your boss is asking you to sit in on interviews, then your organization clearly trusts your judgment as a valued member of the team.

You understand what your organization needs, and that type of higher-level thinking is a requirement for bigger and better job opportunities.

You are being asked to train new employees. 

Training new or junior employees is a clear sign that your company values your contributions in the office and that you know what you’re doing.

It’s a big responsibility that most organizations won’t trust with just anyone. 

You are involved in higher-level discussions. 

If your boss is calling you into meetings that you never used to attend, this exposure to higher-level discussions is a good sign that you are being groomed for a promotion. 

Your performance reviews are consistently excellent. 

If your performance reviews look like something a straight-A student would have turned in, that’s another sign that your organization values your presence and has a vested interest in keeping you around for the long haul. 

Your boss is leaving the company. 

Several of my promotions have come after my boss left. Filling this managerial void will be a top priority for your employer, and many times, companies prefer to promote from within. If your boss is leaving your organization, it could mean that your shot is coming soon. 

Your company is doing well (or is ready to expand). 

Growing companies need to fill positions of responsibility. New departments and products all require management and oversight, and your organization will pick from among its best staff. Promotions are common when companies do well and are preparing for expansion.

If you notice any of these signs at your company, you might be next in line for a promotion. Keep your ears open to chatter about staff changes and focus on doing the best job that you can to make it easy for your employer to offer the promotion to you. 

If you feel like you are ready for a promotion, don’t hesitate to ask