8 killer ground rules for meetings that make people compete to be there

We’ve all been in meetings where we check our watches. Our time is valuable. A well-run meeting makes people feel they are a part of progress – not process.

Lead progress by first establishing a safe and productive environment with meeting ground rules. Email the rules to participants before the meeting. Post them in the room. People will come prepared to contribute to something that matters not observe, yawn and hope they don’t walk away with more on their to-do list.

8 killer ground rules for meetings

1. The purpose of the meeting will be evident in the invite and placed where participants can see it. All relevant information is invited, and no other issues will be discussed.

2. Everyone has a chance to speak without interruption.

3. After everyone has spoken all will get to share final thoughts.

4. No idea is a bad idea. All ideas and opinions will be respected.

5. Ideas and opinions are encouraged to survive the “Relevant Test.”

  • You’ve stated the reasoning behind the idea/opinion.
  • You’ve given a specific example.
  • You’ve shared any personal intention or benefit to you.

6. All participants are invited to ask questions of an existing point of view.

7. The focus will at first be on goals, not solutions.

8. Once participants agree on the goals, the group will jointly design an action plan that demonstrates the level of commitment and resources necessary to succeed. Only then will solutions be created by repeating this process.

A solution is a strategy of how you meet your goals. The group will create solutions after all agree on the goal. The best people at creating innovative strategies don’t allow themselves to get lost in an opinion or solution until they have gathered all of the information on the problem.

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