7 things you’d be silly not to research about the company you’re interviewing for

You’re sitting in the room waiting for the interviewer to come, and you start gathering your thoughts. You may know what job you are interviewing for is (a definite must) and why you want it at the bare-bones minimum, but beyond that, how prepared are you to stand out?

Your quick wit and charisma can only take you so far, and when it comes to showtime, your knowledge of the company will let the interviewer know just how much you care; you don’t want to be that person who looks good, smells good, but knows absolutely nothing. Not a winning formula.

However, if you take the time to brush over some simple details of the company as a whole, you’ll have more in your mind to draw from, making you look more professional and increase your odds at landing the job!

Here is a quick list of the seven things you’d be silly not to research the company you’re interviewing for:

  • Skills and experiences the company values
  • Key players of the company
  • Recent events and the latest news about the company
  • The culture, mission, and values of the company
  • Clients, products, and services
  • The inside scoop
  • The person interviewing you

Let’s take a deep dive into each!

7 Things to Research About the Company You’re Interviewing For:

1. Skills/experiences the company values

What is the company you are interviewing, looking for in an ideal candidate? The answer should be ingrained in your mind if it hasn’t already. Do some research on their “Career” page to correctly identify the necessary credentials and skill sets that would make you look like the “ideal” candidate for the job.

Also, if you can, don’t be afraid of reaching out to employees that work there. I’m sure they can give you some tips on what they know to set you up for success in your interview.

2. Key players of the company

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know, then what you know” a thousand times, but in this case, you don’t actually have to know them personally, but it would be wise to know about them. This could include:

Check out their “about” page on their website or their LinkedIn page, and you’d be surprised how much of a full scoop you’ll get of the movers and shakers of the company.

3. Recent events and the latest news about the company

I don’t know any interviewer who wouldn’t enjoy a candidate who is up to date on the company’s current state of affairs! Make sure you read up on the daily news and/or press releases of what’s coming out of the company you’re interviewing for. It makes you seem in touch with your interview.

Follow them on social media to know what events they are holding in the area that way. Use that context to help structure your interview.

4. The culture, mission, and values of the company

According to a Millennial Branding Study, being able to fit the culture of an organization is viewed as one of the most important things in the hiring process for any candidate among HR professionals.

As you dig more into the company before your interview, it would not hurt to check out the values, mission statement, and cultural style. This is always displayed on their website or social media platforms and is easily accessible to your advantage.

5. Clients, products, and services

Ensure you are aware of the type of work you’d be doing as a potential employee. Knowing your stuff by knowing who the company you’re interviewing for is serving, what it’s serving, and how it is being served will put you in the driver’s seat.

Services offered are usually listed conveniently on its website for a reason, for you to check them out! Be prepared, know your stuff, and you’ll sound like a pro.

6. The inside scoop

One way you can put yourself in the best possible position to win is utilizing the resourcefulness of 3rd party websites like Glassdoor to get a grasp on salary rates, hiring process details, responsibilities of employees, as well as their reviews of various positions in the company.

You want to get in on the details that aren’t displayed on the company website! It helps you stay informed at the company you plan to interview for.

Pro Tip: See if you can get the real inside scoop and perhaps inquire with a current employee. If you know someone great, if you don’t, perhaps casually reach out to someone on LinkedIn and ask about the company. This can be a high risk/reward move, so tread lightly here!

7. The person interviewing you

Relatability is probably one of the best skill sets to capture the interests of potential employers; that being said, it makes sense to know about your interviewer if you beforehand.

While it might take a little elbow grease to figure out who it is, you certainly can do so via their email.

However, if not, call and ask politely, and more than likely, they will give it to you. Do some research on them and you’ll get more details on their background, position, and the like. A great tool to really give you an edge.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, an interview is like a conversation of someone trying to get to know you more to see if you’re the right fit. How to be the right fit, you may ask?

Do your research on the above-mentioned points, and you’ll be the one to stand out from the pack. At the very least, you will nail the interview.