7 effective words you should always use in an email

The email has easily become one of the most effective ways to communicate, both inside of a business and out. In fact, it’s become so effective that you’re probably tired of getting so many of them, yes?

We get emails from companies trying to sell us something. Or forwarded chain emails from friends with a joke that’s supposed to be funny but we probably don’t care about. 

Or, maybe email is how you stay in contact with your family. 

In whichever way you use email, it’s an effective tool to communicate. And just like there are certain terms that you should never say in an email, there are also words and phrases that can help communicate your message clearly and decisively. And you should use those! 

Let’s take a look at the 7 most effective words to use in an email, below. 

#1: Their name. First and foremost, personalizing your email will instantly create more of a connection between you and the recipient. Whenever possible, use their name, but don’t use it so much that the email comes across as computer-generated (as many spam emails clearly are). Use their name once at the top, then only use it again if absolutely necessary. 

#2: Simple. Naturally, our brains don’t like complication, and using terms like “simple”, “easy”, “clean” or “smooth” instantly implies, well, simplicity. And, we humans like that. 

#3: Also. The words “also”, “and”, and “along with” are great words and phrases to use to imply something of significance and value. This is especially true if you’re writing marketing emails. Using “also” or “and” means the recipient of the email is getting more than just one value-add. 

#4: Right. This word is associated with positivity. When we see this word, we also think of closely-related words like “righteous”, “correct”, or “appropriate” depending on the context of the sentence. And, using the word “right” will help to set a more positive and confirming tone in your paragraph. 

#5: New. I love the word new, and so do most people. New implies clean and top quality. We might think of that “new car smell” when we read the word “new”. If something is new, it is also fresh. Maybe even “never seen before”. And, people like new things. 

#6. Freebie. If you are an email marketer, you are probably familiar with this hot-button term. Clearly, the terms “freebie”, “free” and “no-cost” tell the recipient that they are getting something for nothing, and once again, people like getting something for nothing. 

#7: Backed. This word implies authority. If you’re arguing a point or taking a side in an email, using “backed”, as in “history-backed” or “research-backed”, can help boost your argument and lend credence and credibility to your position.

Email is a great tool, especially when we use it effectively. In your next email, see how many of these terms you can use. They will help you to create the best email possible using words designed to tweak the recipient’s mood and, hopefully, improve the tone of your note.