51% of D.C. workers would consider quitting their job to work at the new Amazon HQ

Amazon is opening new headquarters in New York City and Arlington, VA. Hiring will begin this year, and workers in the metro D.C. area are excited – 71% of all information technology workers in the D.C. area would possibly quit their current jobs for a position at Amazon, a survey of 1,000 employed IT workers by Eagle Hill Consulting found.

In fact, 51% of all workers in the metro D.C. area would consider leaving their current jobs for a job at Amazon, the survey found.

The top reasons to flee into the arms of Jeff Bezos (newly single!) included better pay (71%) – Amazon has said the average salary at its new headquarters will be $150,000).

  • 45% thought the work would be more interesting.
  • 45% felt Amazon was a more progressive company.
  • 33% thought they’d find a better workplace culture.
  • Only 17% were actually unhappy at their current job.

And the employees who said they’d stay put despite Amazon cited happiness with the work they performed (52%), happiness within their current job (45%), and a feeling that they worked for a good company (38%). They also included satisfying work-life balance, company culture, and the fact that they were already well-paid.

D.C. workers predicted a mostly positive impact on their area from Amazon’s opening in the form of the local economy and salaries – with some negatives, such as traffic. Between the two new headquarters, 50,000 new jobs will be created. Two cities were chosen for the headquarters so as to not overwhelm one city with a massive influx of workers, but still, not everyone is happy about it.

And pay attention, D.C.: they won’t be just hiring locally – Amazon hires from all over the country. They’ve created a guide for interviewing – presumably for hopefuls that are ready to quit their jobs to join the Amazon team.