4. Share something you have in common. 

Think of what you remember after having a conversation with someone. (“We went to the same college!” or “Turns out we live in the same neighborhood!”)

That’s because common factors unite us, so it’s memory gold. If you stumble upon something you have in common or know from social media (without getting too creepy) that you both love Scandal, for example, say so.

5. Compliment ’em. 

Plain and simple, people will remember how you made them feel. Guarantee the warm and fuzzies by offering a real, genuine compliment. (So if you’re notorious for your bohemian outfits, maybe don’t try complimenting someone on their pearls and cardigan — they probably won’t buy it.)

Aim for work-related compliments — great job on that presentation, insightful commentary in that meeting, you get the picture.