5 brain boosting activities (that you can pick up 6 months into quarantine)

The first month of quarantine may have been somewhat easy to manage, but what about the next few months? It’s easy to find ourselves falling into a state of laziness. Without work or tasks to stimulate our brains daily, what do we have to focus on to help us cope?

Many of us also have to deal with the stress of always being at home. We aren’t able to go out and socialize and stimulate our minds by interacting with others.

Many of us are now working from, and our only interactions are the occasional zoom meeting. It’s not quite the same as in-person interactions

Now that we are six months into quarantine and looking for mental stimulation, what can we do? Here are some fun and stimulating ways to get those mental gears moving again during quarantine! 

5 Brain Boosting Activities

Study a new language

Today would be an excellent time to focus your brain on learning that new language that you never got around to learning before. With today’s technology, learning a new language is easier than ever! In many cases, you can even learn a new language for free. 

Apps like Babbel and Duolingo will help you learn a new language without spending a penny. All you have to do is download the apps, select the language you want to learn, and dedicate time to learning every day. The apps will provide you with daily activities and lessons to teach you a new language and keep your brain stimulated. 

Start new workout routines

Believe it or not, but a great daily workout can help stimulate the mind! Not only will it keep your brain active, but it will keep your body physically healthy and moving while you’re stuck at home. 

You can perform different workout routines that suit your body’s abilities; sprints, yoga, etc. will help keep your brain stimulated. This tactic will have definite positive effects on your wellbeing! 

Pull out the puzzles

Whether you prefer a rousing game of Sudoku or you’re a master of Chess strategy, playing games helps to keep your mind stimulated. 

Doing different puzzles will force you to use your brain in new ways. It’s an easy way to work on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will keep you on your toes while working from home. 

Try to get outside

Unsurprisingly, fresh air is healthy for your mind, body, and soul. While we may not be able to get outside to shop or eat out, we can still get plenty of outside time close to home. Try some gardening in your backyard; plant vegetables or flowers before the first frost. This will give you a reason to get outside to water and weed daily, soaking in that much-needed Vitamin-D from the sunlight. 

If you have a basketball hoop or a soccer net, don’t be afraid to get outside and play some sports to keep active! And if you’re not into intense physical activity, go for a short walk around the neighborhood. 

Give yourself a spa day at home and get extra rest

While this may not appear to be an obvious one, rest is essential to mental stimulation. According to an article by Medical News Today, a recent study finds that noninvasive brain stimulation, activated while you’re asleep, improves memory performance the next day. So not only is sleep a necessity, but it can actually improve our memory!

Taking the time to rest and recuperate will keep your body functioning at a higher capacity. If you are not one to nap, then try meditating throughout the day to relax your mind.

The Bottom Line

While we may not be doing much during quarantine, it is still mentally and emotionally taxing on our bodies and minds. It is essential to listen to our bodies and to find ways to stimulate our minds during this time.

Do not let yourself get complacent. Get up and go outside, start a puzzle, or start learning a new language! It may not feel quite the same right now, but take this time to explore those hobbies that you never had the time for before. 

Try to turn this time at home into a positive in your life.