45 Slack tricks that will impress your boss

Email is so 1990s! Social media has become the way to communicate in our personal lives. And at work, over 12 million employees use Slack across 600,000 businesses.

The vast majority of users reckon the messaging platform helps them to collaborate and get along together better than before. But if you’re new to Slack, it can take a while to figure out some of the basic functions and advanced tricks that make it so useful. Thankfully, the answers are just below the surface – as long as you know where to look.

Slack keyboard shortcuts

An excellent place to start is by learning a few Slack keyboard shortcuts. These are a great way to knock precious hours off your working week. For example, instead of ransacking your computer’s folders to drag and drop a file, you need to share, just hit Command/Ctrl and U to attach a file to the message you’re writing.

Or reduce unnecessary messaging by setting status to let your colleagues know where you’re at. Press Command/Ctrl, Shift, and Y to label yourself “On A Call,” “Vacationing,” or any custom status you like. (Try adding your own choice of status icon to give your workmates a giggle.)

And don’t forget, to quickly reveal a list of all Slack’s keyboard shortcuts, you just need to hit Command/Ctrl and the / key.

Keep Slack Channels organized

As you use Slack more and more, it can get a bit clogged up with different Channels (workstreams with select colleagues) and Direct Messages. But you can organize things, so you see only what you need to see, with the appropriate sense of urgency. For example, you can pin or mute Channels, and even access the edited highlights of a conversation.

And a useful thing about Slack as a communication hub is that there’s always something else going on. Sure, you’ve got your workstream channels, but there might be others for company news or even an informal “virtual watercooler” channel. Search and join these for a bit more interaction, and switch off notifications if they’re getting distracting. Slack is your dashboard, and you’re in control.

To find out how to do all these things and more, take a look at our new visual guide to Slack. It contains 45 tips and hacks from learning the basics to navigating Slack like a boss. (Indeed, you might teach your boss a thing or two.) There are even some ideas about Slack etiquette to help you use the communication tool to improve the way you collaborate.

The best apps to integrate with Slack

Our infographic also includes a section about the best apps to integrate with Slack. Used smartly, Slack can become the hub through which your other digital tools flow. For instance, pairing Google Drive with Slack is a no-brainer. It’s just as easy to transfer Google Docs through Slack as it is to upload and share documents from your regular hard drive.

Other apps offer you functions you won’t even realize you were missing until you try them. Simple Poll allows you to quickly canvass opinions on anything from the latest report to the office’s favorite reality show. You can also install Slack-ready apps to help plan your lunch or remember colleagues’ birthdays.

If you’re ready to transform the way you communicate with colleagues, then work through our visual guide today, and bookmark it for when you need a memory freshener. Now, how do I add the :PARTY BLOB: emoji just here?

Courtesy of: NetCredit

This article originally appeared on NetCredit.