45 questions you should ask yourself

You ask your spouse for help, and your mentor for advice – but have you asked yourself the same questions? Here are 45 prompts to bring out the truth.

Dollar_SearchIn Part 2 of the series on elevating your visibility, I asked you to be radically honest. This trait is developed by being radically honest with others — and with yourself. In case you didn’t receive my e-mail outlining these 45 questions, here’s the list to help get you started being honest with #1:

1. Are you spending time increasing your talent or increasing your character?

2. Can you write this action in your calendar so you’ll know you have a place for it?

3. Do you have the courage to take full responsibility for everything you think, feel and do, without blaming yourself?

4. Do you realize you’re the only person who values your time?

5. Do you respond to interview questions with memorable or mundane answers?

6. Do you see people straightforwardly, or through the distorted images you’ve created?

7. Have you identified and valued your true expertise and inventoried your negotiable personal assets?

8. How are you maximizing the conditions that lead to success?

9. How are you sharpening your rut-fighting skills?

10. How are you strengthening your foundation of personal credibility?

11. How are you using blogging to get hired faster?

12. How can you arrange your day so you become unstoppable?

13. How can you create a comprehensive laboratory for internalizing good fundamentals, releasing tension and cultivating energetic awareness?

14. How can you use tiny pockets of time to improve your pace and results?

15. How could you become more and more psychologically impregnable?

16. How did you add value to yourself today?

17. How do you avoid being perceived as one-dimensional?

18. How do you leave your mark wherever you go?

19. How does the market perceieve you to be more valuable?

20. How is watching television landing you a job?

21. How long will it take the market to recognize your trustworthiness and efficiency and then reward you with new business?

22. How many convenient tasks are you doing that delude you into thinking that you’re actually accomplishing something?

23. How many convenient tasks are you doing that delude you into thinking that you’re actually accomplishing something?

24. How many of your demands could be reduced if you put some energy into prioritizing, organizing and streamlining the routines that now fritter away your attention?

25. How many people did you give your business cards to today?

26. How many people do you plan to meet on your journey today who can improve your life?

27. How much faster would you get hired if you woke up one hour earlier every day?

28. How would your life be different if you were perceived as an expert in your field?

29. How would you like your ideal calendar to look in five years?

30. Is what you’re doing right now consistent with your #1 goal?

31. Is what you’re doing right now leading to getting hired?

32. Is what you’re doing right now the best use of your time?

33. What are the top three activities that fill your time to feel as though you’ve been productive?

34. What are you (not) doing that makes no sense at all?

35. What are you recognized as being the best at?

36. What are you the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world of?

37. What behaviors are preventing you from making progress towards becoming the best version of yourself?

38. What consumes your time that isn’t making you any money?

39. What contains the energy needed to catapult you out of this rut?

40. What did you do today that you should do less of tomorrow?

41. What dumb, non-value added things are you doing each day?

42. What is the one thing you could do now that will have the most impact on your success in the upcoming year?

43. What makes the way you perceive the world unique?

44. What three highly valuable activities did you accomplish today?

45. Who do you have to become to land the job that you want?

Take time to answer of each of these questions, however quickly — in your head or on paper. And then take action and watch your hire-ability skyrocket.