4 ways to reconnect with a business contact that ghosts you

Ghosting is, unfortunately, a growing trend. It seems to be the catchword that people are using these days. In a professional setting, ghosting is simply when someone is not returning emails or calls after you’ve repeatedly attempted to reach them. If you want to re-connect with a contact in your business circle after being given the cold shoulder, here are ways business experts suggest to break the ghosting

Don’t take non-responses so personally

“Sometimes people are really busy, they could be swamped with work or there could be changes in company dynamics. “I would not presume that they purposefully meant to ghost you,” says Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com. “It is entirely possible that there may be a reason for not responding that is not necessarily within the contact’s control, such as a change in company policy or even being on unexpected leave of absence,” Sweeney suggests giving your business contact a little bit of time before jumping to the ghosting conclusion.

Use something they wrote to start the conversation

It’s no secret that people like to know they have fans and followers. Contacting them with accolades is a good way to become reacquainted. “When you feel ready to reach out, lead with a thoughtful opener such as “I read the LinkedIn article you wrote and couldn’t agree more!” or “I love the new redesign of your company website!’’ Sweeney says. “Then, you may use that re-introduction as a jumping-off point to chat together and connect again."

Fine-tune your contact methods

Consider switching up the way you are trying to reach your business contact. “If you’ve been emailing your business contact, call them. If you’ve been calling them, email them,” says Calloway Cook, president of Illuminate Labs, an e-commerce company. When emailing, start a fresh email instead of the lingering messages in the same thread. “That makes it awkward for them if they realize they’ve been
unintentionally ignoring you,” Cook continues. “Start a separate message for each new outreach and give them a cop-out by saying ‘I'm sure you’re super busy but I just wanted to catch up’ or something
along those lines.”

Shift your communication style

Take their cues and stop bombarding them with messages if they aren’t responsive, says Mark Shapiro, a social innovator, and speaker with KindFluence.com. He says a better approach is to make communication attempts very relevant by sharing an article or information that you think would be interesting to them. This may create a new line of communication and get your connection back on track.