4 #NYFW trends you can wear at the workplace

Runway models shouldn’t have all the fun! Translate these fashion week looks into workplace-appropriate attire.

Last week, the top fashion brands in the world descended on New York City for New York Fashion Week 2015. And it looks like the latest and greatest in fashion have equipped us with vibrant, eye-catching trends that steer away from the tired, cold-weather boots-and-a-cardigan uniform. Ready for a fashion rewind?

These whimsical themes and menswear-inspired silhouettes can be easily integrated into work-appropriate attire for any industry. Whether you’re a trend-conscious worker at a fashion publication or a no-nonsense financial executive, read on for ways to boost your work wardrobe and impress co-workers with your ability to interpret the latest runway trends.

1. Fringe

Subtle fringe can give any outfit a ‘70s flair, which happens to be the go-to theme seen on the runways in New York last week. But let’s face it, in a stricter workplace, stray pieces of fabric dangling from your dress or top can be distracting to you, and those in your office.

However, those in at startups or in creative industries can take advantage of their fashion-friendly work environment by sporting accessories adorned with a dash of fringe—think a pair of boots, or a purse. For ladies who tend to be a bit bolder with their fashion choices, a long skirt lined with a bit of fringe could bring the trend to life.


2. Gingham

Though this print exploded in New York last fall as a top trend for spring 2015, Gingham is still in on the runways —perhaps due in part to its incredible versatility. Designer Alutzarra shows how the same print, but featured in varying colors on a different silhouettes, can portray very different looks suitable for contrasting company cultures.

A black-and-white gingham print adds an air of retro sophistication and could be adorned anywhere, anytime, from January to July. Below is an example of how gingham print adds a fun, ‘50s flair to a simple skirt-and-jacket ensemble, while still maintaining a conservative appearance.

On the other hand, a colorful gingham-patterned blouse—think picnic-blanket chic—would be the perfect statement piece for casual summer office days. A dress like the one shown below is a great example of what a woman in a more wardrobe-lenient office environment could wear during a sweltering summer day (But maybe with a few more buttons closed!).


3. Turtlenecks

Layering was all the rage on the runway last week, and it appears that turtlenecks are a necessary ingredient in a toasty Fall 2015 ensemble.

In these remaining frigid winter months, take advantage of this trend and wrap yourself up in a chunky turtleneck sweater in lieu of a flimsy cardigan or zip-up hoodie.

If you’re looking to take this trend to the next level, many designers have shown turtlenecks peeking out from beneath sundresses. Got a sundress you’d love to wear to the office, but it’s about 40 degrees too cold? Think about throwing a chich, black turtleneck underneath it.


4. White

White is clearly the go-to color for Fall 2015. Designers are contrasting this modest color with adventurous silhouettes for a striking effect. A word of warning: Be extra-wary of coffee stains.

If you’re not looking to stun in a stark-white outfit, white, silk, collared blouses are also turning up all over the catwalk. These staple pieces can be worn to any office environment. Try pairing it with patterned pants for a fashion-forward office, or with slacks or a pencil skirt for business attire.


There is always a subtle way to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe. Be aware of what your employers consider to be appropriate, but remember there’s no need to sacrifice your love of fashion just because you work in, say, the financial industry. So take a risk with your look as you implement trends from the latest New York Fashion week, but try to keep the risk of appalling your boss to a minimum.