3 Ways to Implement Your Personal Brand Offline

An online presence is only part of the story.lightbulb_woman

For most professionals, personal branding thrives online. Through juggling social media profiles, managing reputation, creating content and securing our sites, we may forget that personal branding can also be done in person — and can be just as effective.

Attending an industry event, association meeting, or even a professional cocktail hour in your city can be a great and easy way to transition the brand you’ve created online into the real world. Consider below three ways to implement your brand in person once you’re there:

Keep The Conversation Going. Since you’re aware about what you tweet and post, try to extend that same expertise when it comes to starting a conversation. It doesn’t have to all industry-related, but keep the talk professional nonetheless.

Having One Presence… On a Card. In 2010, I wrote about the importance of maintaining consistency of your brand online. The same rules about having one presence apply when it comes to networking in person. You should have your information on a business card. Be sure to have your name, title, area of expertise, contact information and even your social media handles listed. Always remember to bring enough!

Show Your Value. You can extend your brand’s reputation with your new connections by demonstrating how you’re a valuable asset to their network. Try to listen and engage others more than talk about yourself — you may get a chance to offer your expertise or someone you know that is a right fit for the challenge.

Your brand cannot risk remaining online only. Striking a balance of online and offline interaction will sustain your personal brand in the long run.

Reposted with permission from Personal Branding Blog