3 things to do now to bring an idea to life

You’ve got an idea. For something. We all do. It’s the beauty of being alive of being a creator of being divinely human. It doesn’t have to be a game-changing idea, but maybe it’s an idea that’s a little bit exciting or important to you. Maybe it’s an idea that makes you perk up a little.

An idea for a recipe? And idea for gift? An idea for business? An idea for a project? An idea for a solution? And idea for decorating? And idea for a script? An idea for the house? An idea for the future?

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Whatever it is, if you’re paying attention… ideas come. And they come often. And they’re dancing around your mind all the time.

They’re ideas that give you a quick hit of excitement and they’re there to remind you what forward could look like.  They’re little fairy god mothers pulling you forward. Provided you choose to listen…

When you get an idea, you’ve gotta do something about it. It doesn’t mean that it’ll always go somewhere, but you must give it enough attention to suss that out. I had a ‘grand’ idea with a couple friends a few weeks ago that won’t take shape in the way we originally thought, but we all gave it our attention.

Which feels good, because that way I can look back and KNOW that it panned out as it was supposed to – the outcome was not meant to be…but not because I ignored it. Whatever ideas are hanging around your heart, you must honor them:

First, write that idea down. I don’t care how good your memory is. You’ve got to write that shit down. Your ideas don’t stick around no matter how smart and attentive you are. Write them down. No matter how fast and furious it is when you do it.

Second, get space. Ideas will come, and evolve, and get better when you have space from the fire-hose of information that is our daily lives. Get an hour at the park without your phone. Go on a drive with the music of your thoughts. Get away from the daily grind in order to let your ideas grow.

Third, do something. Any something. Do anything. You’ve heard me say it before, what’s the absolute smallest thing you could do about this idea today? Tell a friend. Get out a whiteboard. Make a call. Set up the meeting. DO something about your idea. And then keep on keeping on with doing tiny little somethings.

Do that, and your idea won’t remain just an idea for long.

This article first appeared on MaxieMccoy.com.