27 Chrome extensions to boost your productivity

Google Chrome is far and away the most popular browser around and it supports a huge number of extensions, which are lightweight, easy-to-install, and usually free. Things you thought impossible to achieve with a browser become possible with these add-ons. And processes you never even imagined become easy work, as well. To help you find the best amongst the bunch we’ve created a handy visual guide.

For example, one of the greatest threats to productivity online is the constant influx of distractions. Every tab has something more interesting to offer than the one you’re working on! And the worst villain is email. Restricting your email checks to three dedicated sessions a day reduces stress and makes you feel more capable of completing work.

Inbox When Ready For Gmail automates this fresh approach for you, hiding your inbox and notifications even when you’re composing an email. Peace at last!

As long as you’re looking for quiet time among the bustle of the online world, how about Just Read? This browser extension transforms overly-ornate web design, and pages laden with ads, comments, and pop-ups, into a straightforward text presentation that you can… well, just read.

And let’s return to the subject of tabs. They’re great, right? Each open tab is there for a reason. That’s why you have 267 open tabs and you need a map to find the one you want.

But struggle with tabs no longer thanks to Session Buddy which can map your tabs by topic. It will save your open tabs so you can close down the ones you’re not using right now, free up precious memory, and reopen tabs when you need them. It also offers the functionality to search your tabs and export them to email, documents, or blog posts.

Your browser is a portal to a wild world of information, but with a suite of extensions that works for you it’s simple to tame it and boost your productivity. Scroll through our visual guide to find the ones that suit your needs and add them to your browser in just a couple of clicks.


Courtesy of: Headway Capital



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