21 ways to stay broke

As someone who has been broke for a long time, I feel compelled to speak on this topic as an expert.

If you want to guarantee you will make as little money as possible as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, do these things:

  1. Don’t understand your market. Just guess at what they like.
  2. Don’t seek business friends. Figure it out yourself.
  3. Don’t learn what a “genre” is.
  4. Don’t ask for advice on what is working.
  5. Don’t share, respect, or purchase other artists’ work.
  6. Don’t study masters of your craft. Who can learn from old people?
  7. Don’t brand yourself.
  8. Don’t set a routine to make stuff. Create when you feel like it.
  9. Don’t make new relationships.
  10. Don’t spend time with the people who actually care.
  11. Don’t accept feedback from the people who actually care.
  12. Don’t give generously to the people who actually care.
  13. Don’t read.
  14. Don’t attempt anything which might not succeed. Wait until it’s safe.
  15. Don’t reflect on where you came from.
  16. Don’t invest in your skills.
  17. Don’t understand that the word “invest” means “spending actual money”.
  18. Don’t set deadlines unless other people set them for you.
  19. Don’t measure your results.
  20. Don’t try and sell anything. That’s totally “not what you do.”
  21. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable.

This article was originally published on Medium.