16 career decisions that make no logical sense

Even Leonard Nimoy would agree: it’s only logical to use his life as a teaching tool.

On February 27, Nimoy, the actor who played Mr. Spock on “Star Trek,” died at age 83 from pulmonary disease. Millions of fans turned to social media to express their grief and appreciation. After all, the actor accomplished the greatest mission in the known galaxy. He lived long and prospered.

Yes, we all want successful careers. Yet too often, many of us make choices that are, well, illogical. And then we figure the job market is out to get us or we suffer from bad luck. Hardly.

Avoid these 16 poor choices, and your chances at success will improve.

16 Career Decisions That Make No Logical Sense

Job Search

1. Only tell employers you’re a “hard worker” and “successful”

– Oh, really? Says who? Give people the proof.

2. Begin a cover letter with “Hi, my name is … ”

– Nope. Go with a memorable short story and turn heads.

3. Fail to quantify your success on a resume

– How much? How many? Otherwise, you sell yourself short.

4. Label a resume as “myresume.docx”

– Yea, you and 250 other people. Include your full name and the job you want.

5. Do everything via email

– Take a deep breath. Pick up the phone. Make stuff happen.

Job Interviews

6. Assume you can dress casually because so many offices skip the “suit and tie” routine

– Dress better than you have to. Fight for the job you want.

7. Neglect to bring copies of your resume or work samples

– “Umm, I can just email them to you later if that’s OK” … said the person who won’t land the job

8. Have no questions prepared for the interviewer (like these gems)

– “Nope! I think you answered everything already” … said the person who DEFINITELY won’t land the job

9. Never send a thank-you note after the interview

– Write one within 24 hours and handwritten is even more impressive.

10. Respond slowly to emails throughout the interview process

– Be on your game. All. The. Time.


11. Go on and on about yourself and never ask about others

– Instead, use the six most important words in networking.

12. Throw out the stack of business cards you collect at the end of the night

– Go back to your desk, send an email and continue the conversation (template here).

13. Decide not to reach out to key people because you don’t want to “bother them”

– It’s cool. Your career will take off on its own. 

14. Fail to appreciate the people who help you along the way

– Right, people love it when they extend themselves and you never say “Thanks.” (template here)

15. Do all your networking online

– Shake some hands, make eye contact and GET OUT THERE

One final poor decision:

16. Wait for good things to happen

– Take initiative all day, every day. It’s the only logical choice.


This article originally appeared on DannyRubin.com.