15 tiny ways to have a much better day

A day is just an ordinary day. We live so many of them. Sunrise to sundown, these days can feel long as hell. And these days can also feel so drudgingly slow, like they’ll never actually end. But what does it look like for an ordinary day to feel so damn full?

Not full because of what’s on our calendar. Not full because we’ve jam-packed it. And not full because we’re running around like a crazy person. But full because we bring the fullness. We bring the fullness in feeling so brilliantly ourselves. We feel full in the love that’s able to flow from us. And full from the bright energy we have to exhale to others.

Believe it or not, our days can be more of this – more fullness – without us having to feel like god’s gift to our own day, and without us having to have these “high” moments that make us falsely feel that way. Rather, a fully full day is made up of moments that make us feel fully alive and fully whole. Little tweaks, not life changing changes, can be enough to connect us back to our own power– the power that gives us the vibes of alive and the strength to create, to give, and to believe. The power to bring brightness to every room we walk into. Not all of these things have to be done in a day. But sprinkle them over the mundane and you’ll start to feel the tide of vibes change

1. Get in the sunshine. First thing. (according to my friend … but seriously it works)

2. Give yourself time. Let go of the rush.

3. Read something from someone who inspired you. Even a 2-sentence quote will do.

4. Write an I love you or an I’m thinking about you or You’re the best. Here’s why text to someone who wasn’t expecting it.

5. Laugh. Audibly.

6. Chug some extra water.

7.  Turn the music on.

8. Shut the computer. Turn off your phone. And take a few minutes to just breathe. Deeply breathe.

9. Cross one naggy thing off the to-do list

10. Put your hand physically over your heart. Hold it there. Say to yourself I love you. I see you. And feel the warmth of your own self compassion.

11. Hold that hug just a little bit longer.

12. Facetime them instead.

13. Buy an actual book. Read said book.

14. Light a candle. Make a wish.

15. Give yourself something you deserve. The chocolate. the wine. the nap.

A day can be SO much more than a day with tiny moments that add up to fullness. So full.

This article was originally posted on MaxieMcCoy.com.