15 things are crushing your spirit (so watch out)

Your spirit is your light. It’s that part of you that shines externally from all the truest and purest part of yourself. It’s the part of you the guides you internally no matter what’s happening. When you believe in you, that spirit soars.

And you’ve got a human mandate to let that little light of yours shine. Because … the things that make you feel fully yourself, energetic, and free … are the same things that allow you to contribute meaningfully – to your day, to your humans, to your work, to this world. We need you and your spirit intact, fully intact, so we can all do the good work of rising.

But let’s be real, our spirits are constantly under attack. From the voices in our head, from the voices on the internet, from the cultural structures in place that would rather stay a certain way and not have to change. So, we’ve got to fight like hell to let nothing, and no one (including ourselves) get in the way. Move the bullsh-t aside. And move in the energy and inspiration that allows us all to shine. Your spirit is your key to your power. Dim it for no one, ever. So, watch out for these known spirit sinkholes:

  1. Fitting in. Don’t do it. Don’t listen to the people who ask you to do so. Don’t fit the molds. Don’t shimmy yourself in anyone’s container. Live freely and expressed, however and whatever that means for you. Your spirit knows no limits.
  2. People who don’t show up. Because you’ll think it’s you. And you’ll feel alone. But it’s not you. It’s them. Create space for the people who’ll be there without question.
  3. Confusion. Seek clarity. Always. No matter what it requires you to admit, change, or walk away from. Seek the truth…your truth.
  4. Avoiding the decision. Just do it. Just decide. Decisiveness is lightness.
  5. Scrolling. Screw the scrolling. It’s not helping. It’s chipping away at who you are. So stop.
  6. Uncomfortable shoes. Your spirit is made to move. So find soles that let you dance without pain.
  7. Insecure collaborators. Their insecurity can easily become yours. Look at what’s going on. You spend so much time with them. Create a plan to navigate it.
  8. Fluorescent lights. They’re spirit suckers. Get outside. Breath in real, fresh air. Get the vitamin D that will surely be a happy shot to the bloodstream.
  9. Fear. You can’t control what’s to come. So stop trying to rehearse and strategize it. Stay here. Right here. It’s all fine right where you are.
  10. Negative humans. Out. Get them out right now. Or do everything you can to minimize how much time you spend with them. It’s more important than you’ll ever know. Until you get to the other side of them in your life only to realize you should have done it so, so long ago.
  11. Trying to do it all. Housework. Childcare. Homework. Work Work. Party work. Creative work. Drop some balls. Let some of it go. Including your expectation that you’re going to get it right all of the time.
  12. The news. Shut it down. Limit what you consume. Create instead.
  13. Comparing. They are not you. You are not them. Please put on your blinders.
  14. Defensive people. Because where there’s no real conversation or dialogue, there is no power. If you have to play small in order to stay in the relationship, you can kiss your spirit goodbye.
  15. Second guessing. Trust yourself. You are all you need. And you’ll handle anything that’s on the other side of your decision.

With your spirit, you can feel the freedom of expression. With your spirit, you can succeed. Come back to yourself and come back to your strength.

This article first appeared on MaxieMcCoy.com.