11 ways to beat procrastination

Procrastination strikes everyone, and once it gets ahold of you, it can be very difficult to shake it off.

When you imagine a highly productive person, you likely think of someone who focuses effortlessly on the job and never succumbs to procrastination.

You know, the type who can sit on the ground in a subway station with their laptop and still manage to get more done in an hour than you would in a day at the library.

The truth is, ridiculously productive people face the same procrastination challenges as the rest of us. The difference is, they beat procrastination by using a calculated approach.

First, they understand why they procrastinate, and then they apply strategies that beat procrastination before it takes hold.

Anyone can follow this two-step, research-driven process to overcome procrastination.

The procrastination doom loop

You can’t hope to stop procrastinating until you first have a firm understanding of why you procrastinate.

New research from Joseph Ferrari at DePaul University shows that procrastination is more complicated than most people think.

People tend to think of procrastination as coming from poor time management or laziness, but Ferrari’s research shows that procrastination stems from negative emotions that hijack your mood.

Once you’re under the influence of these emotions, you can’t bring yourself to work.

This article first appeared on LinkedIn.