10 Tools to Advance Your Business Writing Skills

Step up your business writing skills with these 10 online applications.

Business professionals rarely acknowledge that skillful writing is part of their everyday lives. Yet effective written communication is one of the driving forces of modern business. The average professional spends 28 percent of the workday responding to emails alone. Not to mention writing business plans, reports, social content, etc.

Not every businessperson is an adept wordsmith. However, the elements of business writing are not hard to master thanks to the abundance of digital resources at our disposal. The following 10 tools and apps will help you become a more effective business writer.

Diff Checker

If you’re using an online source as a reference, you’ll need to cite it properly. If, on the other hand, you want to paraphrase certain sections, Diff Checker is the ideal resource. Diff Checker identifies the differences and similarities between two texts to help you realize if you followed the text too literally and rewrote plagiarized content.

Ninja Essays

If your writing needs to be flawless and you’re not a particularly strong writer, then outsourcing might be the best solution. Paper writing service Ninja Essays puts professional writers from different categories of expertise at your beck and call. You can also hire professional editors to proofread, format, and edit your content to make sure all your work is polished to perfection.

Ginger Keyboard

Your smartphone and tablet are the perfect tools for effective email communication, but you don’t want to send a text full of errors spell-check improperly corrected. Ginger Keyboard will help you write faster and more efficiently by giving you spelling suggestions. As an added bonus for Windows users, there is a personal writing assistant feature!

Convert Case

When you need to include text into your work that’s originally written in the wrong case, try Covert Case. Convert Case will save you time by allowing you to paste the text into the application and choose the case you want to convert it to.

Community Media Workshop

A press release is not that difficult to write when you have the needed skills and experience. But for the less press-savy, Community Media Workshop is the perfect tool. At Community Media Workshop, you can easily create a press release through a form that guides you through the different parts of writing a press release step-by-step.

Stoodle Whiteboard

An online whiteboard can be a great tool to help you collaborate written content with your team when you’re away from the office. Stoodle Whiteboard is great because it doesn’t include any overtly-complicated or superfluous features. All you need to do is launch a classroom and send the link to the participants.


If you need to write a business plan as fast as possible, then Enloop is the tool you need. Enloop enables you to construct a customized business plan step-by-step. All you need to do is provide the needed information in the designated fields and the tool will auto-write the plan and rate its estimated success.

Dark Room

When you have to write urgent business documents, distractions are the last thing you need. That’s when you can enter the Dark Room – a distraction-free environment that leaves you with a blank full screen to work. You’ll handle the document through keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember.

Email Excellence

Ever stared at an email message box for hours without getting an idea for a jumping-off point? Me too. Everyone suffers from lack of inspiration sometimes. Email Excellence will provide you with the perfect template for any type of email, as well as basic outline that will help you convey your message as clearly as possible.


Looking for an office software suite you can install on all your devices without paying a fortune? Check out OpenOffice. The concept is very similar to Microsoft Office, but the tools are simpler and free! The product enables you to create text documents, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, tables, forms, reports, diagrams, 3D illustrations, and mathematical equations.

Business writing doesn’t have to be challenging. These tools provide the inspiration and support necessary to take your business writing to the next level.

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