10 tips to make your mark and bring others along for the ride

You’re working really hard. You’re paying your dues and have more blood, sweat, and tears to show than you ever thought possible. The journey to the top isn’t easy, but deep down you know that one day it’s all going to be worth it. Since we’re all stronger when we work together, the question is: How do you make your mark and bring others along for the ride?

The following 10 tips help you leave a legacy and incorporate others in the quest for success.

1. Know what is worth it to you

Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary to manifest what you want most in life. The hard work required to meet your goals may come at the expense of lost time and resources in another aspect of life. Set goals early and clearly to know what is worth it to you. Your passion drives the action you build.

2. Create something that betters the world

From business to personal matters, you must always think of others. How does this help others? What can I do to help make the world a better place? Stem your action from the seeds of altruism and others will gladly help you on your journey.

3. Focus externally rather than internally

By no means, don’t ever forget about yourself and your role, but you have to think about the big picture. Become a positive force in the world that ignites passion and inspires others. It sounds like a daunting task, but it is quite simple if you have sincere objectives. Don’t crush people in the wake of your success, but rather, bring them along with you. Pick others up when they need an extra hand.

4. Nurture and guide your awareness

Awareness is an under-recognized aspect of success. Those who are hyper-vigilant of others and various environments can more aptly adapt to situations. Sometimes all you need to overcome an obstacle is to become aware of it. Listen to constructive criticism and feedback from others because you can learn something new.

5. Make it all a learning opportunity

Failure is often the best teacher in life. Don’t inhibit yourself from making mistakes. Stay humble in your quest for success and utilize other individuals in your trek. See every opportunity as an option to learn more and garner more awareness. You can’t do it alone. Be open to input from others. Your best idea might just be the starting point, and someone else’s input is what could catapult it to the next level of success. Remember, we are living in the collaboration economy.

6. Save space for community

Team development is more important than the goals you set. Those who surround you significantly determine the outlook for projects and success. It doesn’t have to be all work. Save time for play, too, and don’t forget to nurture your relationships. Be open to new connections and helping others achieve their goals. We all win when we work together.

7. Engage every aspect of yourself in your projects

The main reason many projects fail is that the people behind them are haphazardly invested. No matter the goal, always invest fully. From business to pleasure and anything in between, put your heart and soul into all projects. People will take note of your dedication and feel more inclined to invest in your vision.

8. Pay it forward

Your success is not achieved by you and you alone. There are lessons others can learn about your process. Encourage symbiotic relationships in business and life. Consider taking on a mentee or apprentice to help them begin their journey towards success as well. Gather inspiration from people you encounter to put out the best product you can with your prosperity.

9. Don’t be afraid to pivot

Don’t be too rigid in your goals. As stated above, making your mark presents an opportunity for you to learn lessons, too. You must progressively receive feedback and move forward accordingly. Sometimes that means taking in new information and shifting your goals to better fit your pursuits. Don’t compromise if it gets difficult, but also don’t fear the addition of a few turns
to better the outcomes of your goals.

10. Believe and commit to seeing it through until the end

There are many individuals who have excellent ideas. A great idea is just the first step. Setting goals and seeing them through demonstrates an ability to commit to a mission and execute the necessary action. Even if the project isn’t ending the way you hoped, the finalization is a needed step. Regardless, lessons are learned from opportunities taken and executed appropriately.

Success is not an overnight experience. The most successful people have learned from a lifetime of mistakes and continue to strive for better every day. Applying action to your dreams to bring them to fruition is harder to do than say. Incorporate inspirational individuals to help you leave a powerful mark on the work around you. Helen Keller said it best: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Melinda Garvey is the founder of OnTheDot Woman, a movement dedicated to helping women around the globe achieve success through access to relatable role models with a daily 4-minute podcast.