Robin Madell

Robin Madell

Robin Madell

Robin Madell has spent over two decades as a corporate writer, journalist, and communications consultant on business, leadership and career issues. She serves as a copywriter, speechwriter, and ghostwriter for executives and entrepreneurs across diverse industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, law, real estate, advertising and marketing.

Articles by Robin Madell

Job Search

The importance of ‘me time’ in your job search

“Me time” is a hot topic in this 24/7 digital era where you can literally work around the clock. When your “work” is your job search, you’re faced with the same possibilities of spending endless hours, perhaps without breaks, trying to scare up that next opportunity.

The Future of Work

What it’s like to freelance in 2018

Ever wondered what it’s really like to freelance in 2018, or just in this day and age? Of course, it’s impossible to answer that question since no two freelancers experience the exact same thing. However, a new survey report from WiseBrand, based on over 2,000 respondents, does give a nice peek inside the current State of the Freelance Nation. The study dispels common myths about freelancing and sheds new light on freelancers’ finances, ambitions, and needs.

Equal Pay Day

How to ask for more money — and why you should

Another year, another Equal Pay Day with disappointing statistics about the gender pay gap. These evidence-based reasons why women should use Equal Pay Day — April 10, 2018 — as an impetus to negotiate for fair pay.

Job search

Four steps to simplifying your job search

When you’re looking for work, you have enough to worry about. Don’t make your job hunt more complicated than it needs to be — follow these four steps to start simplifying your job search.

7 Ways to Move Up by Moving Over

Over is the new up in many jobs and industries.

Work-life balance lessons from Arianna Huffington

Reformed workaholic Arianna Huffington shares her secrets of success without stress.