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The ZT-6 Mokopa is a South African air-to-ground anti-tank guided missile. As of 2005 it is in its final stages of development, and is being integrated onto the South African Air Force's Rooivalk attack helicopters. The missile is produced by Denel Dynamics, formerly Kentron. The current version uses semi-active laser guidance, requiring the target to be illuminated by a laser designator either on the launch platform or elsewhere; though there are alternative guidance packages available including a millimetre-wave radar seeker and a two-colour imaging infrared seeker.

All variants of the Mokopa feature two launch modes, Lock-On Before Launch and Lock-On After Launch. LOBL is the older, more conventional mode of missile launching, where the target has to be illuminated by the launch platform before launch. LOAL on the other hand allows the launch platform to launch the missile even though it may not be in sight of the target. In terms of the SAL version, this would then allow either the launch platform to move into place and only illuminate the target immediately prior to the missile striking the target, or it would allow an observer on the ground equipped with a laser designator to guide the missile in. This method of launching greatly reduces the exposure time of the launch platform to enemy fire.

Highest paying job titles at ZT Systems include Technical Program Manager, Validation Engineer, and Software Engineer


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Technical Program Manager



Average Compensation:$125,568

Validation Engineer



Average Compensation:$95,357

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$104,032

Senior Technical Program Manager



Average Compensation:$144,167

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