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YP Holdings, now a wholly owned subsidiary of DexYP, is the American parent company for YP LLC. Its products include printed telephone directories, yp.com and YP app. YP offers local search, display ads and direct marketing. On July 31, 2012, YP was included in PaidContent50's list of "the world's most successful digital media companies" based on 2011 digital ad revenue.

The company was formed on April 4, 2012 preceding a formal announcement that AT&T would sell off a 53% stake in its directory operations to Cerberus Capital Management. Dex Media purchased YP Holdings LLC in 2017, officially announced in June 2017.

It is responsible for the publication yp.com, YP app, the Gas Guru app, and more than 1,300 printed directories, published under the "YP The Real Yellow Pages" brand. It is headquartered in Tucker, Georgia.


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