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Workhorse Group, Inc.

Workhorse Group, Inc.

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Workhorse Group Inc. is an American manufacturing company that designs and builds battery-electric power trains and chassis for vehicles. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio. Workhorse Group's products include electric delivery trucks, electric pickups, and electric drones. The company's electric delivery trucks are designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional delivery trucks. Workhorse Group's electric pickups are designed for commercial fleets and are expected to have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional gasoline-powered pickups. The company's electric drones are designed for package delivery and other applications.


Market Cap$241.4 million
Revenue$1.3 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+58.3%
Net Income$69.7 million
pie chartAnnual Report
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Total value of jobs:
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Mechanical Engineer



Average Compensation:$90,000

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