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TVU Networks Corporation is a company that manufactures live mobile television broadcasting equipment. Founded in 2005, the companys headquarters are in Mountain View, California and also has offices in Shanghai, Vancouver and Raleigh, North Carolina. TVU Networks provides broadcasters with multiple wireless electronic news-gathering (ENG) and IP-video solutions. TVU Networks' line of transmission products including the TVUPack are mobile broadcasting devices that can transmits a live HDTV signal over 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, or Broadband Global Area Network networks. It is used by TV news stations for outdoor live broadcasting by stations like KKTV and others. TVU Networks' solutions have also been used to deliver live HD footage of a number of events around the world including the World Cup, the London Summer Olympics, the Sochi Winter Olympics, U.S. presidential elections, and the 2013 Papal conclave. TVU networks distributed TVUBroadcast software which allowed users to broadcast content off "mms://" servers, and from computer disks. TVU provided a downloadable application through early 2013. The TVUbroadcaster however, would not let users stream video files. Instead, an encoder was required.