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Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism detection service run by the American company Turnitin, LLC, a subsidiary of Advance Publications.

Founded in 1998, it sells its licenses to universities and high schools who then use the software as a service website to check submitted documents against its database and the content of other websites with the aim of identifying plagiarism. Results can identify similarities with existing sources and can also be used in formative assessment to help students learn to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing.

Students may be required to submit work to Turnitin as a requirement of taking a certain course or class. The software has been a source of controversy, with some students refusing to submit, arguing that requiring submission implies a presumption of guilt. Some critics have alleged that use of this proprietary software violates educational privacy as well as international intellectual-property laws, and exploits students' works for commercial purposes by permanently storing them in Turnitin's privately held database.

Turnitin, LLC also runs the informational website plagiarism.org and offers a similar plagiarism-detection service for newspaper editors and book and magazine publishers called iThenticate. Other tools included with the Turnitin suite are GradeMark and PeerMark.

In March 2019, Advance Publications acquired Turnitin, LLC for US$1.75 billion.

Highest paying job titles at Turnitin include Software Development Manager, Database Administrator, and Frontend/UI Web Engineer

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Top Experts at Turnitin

Turnitin Compensation

Software Development Manager



Average Compensation:$NaN

Database Administrator



Average Compensation:$175,000

Frontend/UI Web Engineer



Average Compensation:$135,000

Product Management Director



Average Compensation:$118,333

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