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Tea Collection is a globally-inspired, San Francisco-based childrens clothing company co-founded in 2002 by Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon. The clothing line is available through their e-commerce website as well as department stores and clothing boutiques worldwide. Tea Collection was co-founded in 2002 by Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon through funding from angel investors. The inspiration came after a trip Meyer took to Brussels, Belgium. "I found was pink bunny-themed clothing. I wanted something more sophisticated and modern. (No offense to pink bunnies.) That experience inspired me to envision a brand that celebrates the beauty of world cultures through fashion and lifestyle products. I called it Tea, because tea the drink is something shared by all cultures. It evokes warmth, wisdom, and timelessness—values that I wanted for the collection." Since 2012, the company has had a 24 percent compound annual growth rate and seen its headcount more than triple. Revenue in 2014 was more than $40 million, nearly a $10 million increase from the year before.
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